Object-oriented programming with Wordpress: utopia?

A long debate among Wordpress developers is essentially about the possibility of using truly object-oriented code in their themes and plugins by exploiting the latest features of PHP 5. Most developers who don't are accustomed to OOP in PHP think that OOP in Wordpress is rather difficult to accomplish and, in a certain sense, even counterproductive. But if you take a closer look at the inner structure of the Wordpress core, you'll surely notice the abundance of classes and most of the OOP features we're all used to see in other frameworks. This post is written in the hope of stimulating a renewed interest in OOP with Wordpress.

CSS: best and bad practices in Wordpress theme development

One of my daily tasks as a developer is to modify the default styles which come along with a new Wordpress theme chosen by our clients. I have to say that this task is made harder and harder by some obtuse practices followed by many theme developers when it comes to CSS. I don't want to be rude because I love your work, but you should consider the fact that your styles may be changed by another developer or user, so you should code your CSS accordingly. Here are some of these bad practices that make me feel frustrated.

jQuery: why an empty text field cannot be null

There's a widespread tendency to consider the value property of a text field as an attribute instead of a simple property whose value is a string. Such property cannot have a primitive null value because the DOM specifications allow only nodes to have such a value. jQuery wraps the value property with its method val() and it uses the same principles. Let's see why an empty value of a text field cannot be null.