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This section contains professional information about me and this blog.

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About Gabriele Romanato

I was born in Italy on 07/20/1978. Since 2004, I developed a growing interest in programming, especially in C++ and Java. This led me to progressively discover the web and its standards. My first web site contained a section called CSS Zibaldone that lately become a standalone site where I started filing my resources about CSS (you can find more at and

I started publishing my tests on 11/19/2007 and I got an immediate and positive feedback from the web community (especially from CSS Discuss). A couple of months later I joined the tester community that works on the W3C CSS 2.1 test suite and I started submitting my tests. Quality Assurance (QA) is a good benchmark to test your proper understanding of a standard. I also got an invitation from Alex Mogilevsky (Internet Explorer Development Team) for submitting my tests to the IE8 beta feedback page.

Meanwhile, things were moving faster in Italy: I got a seminar in Rome on May and then an interview with an important Italian magazine. During that summer, I wrote down a couple of articles on CSS that were published on September 2008. Next December I become an IWA member and get some works on a regular basis.

On June 2009 I started writing my posts on Edit, the major Italian blog on web standards. I also started writing some articles for, the web platform behind Edit. On October 2009, I took a seminar during the SMAU event, surely one of the best moments of my web life of ever. After a couple of months spent on working on various websites, projects and a lot of testing, in May 2010 I got a job from Wamboo S.r.L, a web agency based in Formigine, near Modena (Italy). Meanwhile, I started writing some posts on Innovando.

About this site

The code and examples provided on this site are absolutely free (like freedom or beer, as you like). Feel free to use on your own projects if you find them interesting. Obviously you can mention me, a thing that will be greatly appreciated.

Curriculum Vitae / Resumé


I am willing to give total support the organization that I am in, with the experience and capability that I have, in order to achieve organization's goals and create mutual benefits.

Formal education
Period Institution Place
1992 - 1997 Liceo Classico "Lucio Valerio Pudente"
'Liceo' specializing in classical studies
2003 - 2009 Università degli Studi "G D'Annunzio"
"G. D'Annunzio" University
Degree in Foreign languages and literatures (English and German)
Work experience
Period Type of work
1998 - 2006 Malware removal, end-user assistance on Windows platform
2006 - 2008 Development of small web sites for private customers
January 2008 - today W3C CSS Test Suite (volunteer, see my contributes)
March 2008 - May 2008 Internet Explorer 8 beta feedback (volunteer, with an invitation from Alex Mogilevsky)
November 2008 - today Occasional cooperation as freelance web developer with Ettore Berardi (Ack-Ack web agency, based in Milan)
June 2009 - today Cooperation with S.r.L as an author of articles and resources on web standards and programming languages for the company network.
May 2010 - today Cooperation with Wamboo S.r.L as a web developer.
Web standards

Significant experience with CSS, DOM, ECMAScript, HTML, SVG, XHTML, XML, XSLT.

Programming languages

Significant experience with JavaScript, PHP and Python. Good experience with C++ and Java.


In addition to online documentation, my technical knowledge is based on the following publications.

Operating systems

Windows, Macintosh, Linux.


Study of the source code of Mozilla Firefox (CSS and XML parser, SpaceManager component).

Foreign languages
  • English (colloquial - reading, listening, writing, speaking)
  • German (reading, writing, speaking)
Personal skills

I read fast from documentation in order to properly understand a new language or standard. I can make useful tests to check if something is wrong and why is wrong. People feel comfortable with me simply because I listen to their problems and try to fix them.

Recent portfolio work

BTMagazine: Client-side implementation.


I'm on Facebook, so you can send me an invitation and become my friend. Recently I joined Linkedin. If you're interested in getting in touch with me, you can add me to your network.