Overuse of web fonts considered harmful

There's been a lot of talking on css-discuss and www-style about the newly supported CSS3 feature related to web fonts. Through the @font-face statement, now authors can insert and display uncommon types of fonts in their documents.

This means that all the CSS replacement techniques can be avoided by using this brand new technique. Despite the obvious enthusiasm for the adoption of a new feature, there's an issue that cannot be overlooked: if I can insert any type of fonts, what about the overall legibility of web documents?

In short, if accessibility really matters, we should avoid some types of fonts that, for example, are difficult to read for low-vision users or, alternatively, provide a different layout with more common font faces. I'm not saying that web fonts are evil, but that we should use them carefully, avoiding an overuse that might be harmful for users with disabilities. For example, we could use web fonts only on headings and not on the main text of our page, provided that the font of our choice is legible.

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