How to make a website with CSS: a false myth

I was watching a video on YouTube and I was struck by the fact that many developers who post videos have only a bare idea about what they're actually saying. First of all, you cannot create a website using only CSS. Period. CSS handles only the presentation layer. Everything else is up to a server-side language and another client-side language, such as JavaScript. Period. Another thing is that if you want to acquire a firm knowledge of CSS, you can't simply copy and paste a template taken from the web. On the long run this approach is harmful, because without knowing what you're actually doing, you'll end up with a bunch of code that you're not able to understand properly. You have to write your own code and then test it. Sure, if you have a close deadline, choosing a template is perhaps the fastest way to avoid delays. But what if your client or your boss want to modify it or, even worse, rebuild it? Then you'll surely be in a big trouble. Anyway, here's the video.

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