Chrome: calm like a bomb

ChromeGoogle Chrome has raised exponentially in the browser market during the last two years. Now its share is approximately 15% or 25%, depending on the site. Surely Chrome is gaining its momentum, but I think that it didn't express its full potential yet. What we got so far? A full standard compliant browser, really fast in loading pages and executing complex JavaScript scripts (a must for most RIAs). Is it enough? Certainly not! There are other possible scenarios for Chrome, which include:

  • full integration with Google web services, such as Gmail and Google Maps; in other words, more like a suite than a simple browser (see Seamonkey)
  • new features added with extensions
  • full support to HTML5
  • improved performance

Is it enough? I guess so! But the most exciting things are yet to come (Geolocations API, Microformats, just to name few). Time will tell if Chrome will get on the top of the browser market or be just another fad.

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