CSS Mastery: Advanced Web Standards Solutions

CSS MasteryCSS Mastery: Advanced Web Standards Solutions is a great book on CSS written by Andy Budd, Simon Collison and Cameron Moll. After reading the review at FriendsOfEd, I decided to add it to my wish list. The fact is that Andy and the others are perhaps some of the most influent voices on client-side web development that we can find on the web. They're skilled, talented and they've supported web standards since the beginning of the end of browser wars (or even before). I always like learning something new from the great Jedi masters of the web, because there are still some obscure details of CSS that make me feel confused. Books are completely different from what you can find on the web. Before publishing, they've been accurately reviewed and all the live examples provided with the paper version have been extensively tested. I trust books. They're something that doesn't depend on network efficiency or electrical power. The real power is in the mind of the reader who can bring them to life. I love books!

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