Geolocation and user privacy

I just finished to read this announcement from Opera Labs. I'd like to say that this is interesting, though Geolocation poses some privacy and security issues. First: how Geolocation APIs should be handled by browsers? Surely, if you use Geolocation to track your users, this is too bad. Should browsers feature an option to turn Geolocation off? Or maybe just accept it on trusted websites? I wondering how many security problems may arise with Geolocation, particularly those related to identity theft. Maybe it's just a guess, but what would happen if a cracker manages to get your name, address, phone and even location? Imagine what would happen if someone actually knows your coordinates around the globe. Isn't it risky? Further, the future implications of this brand new APIs with XSS (Cross-Site Scripting) have not been investigated yet. Sure, this is something that relies on client's support, but I think that these security and privacy considerations should not be underestimated. The risk is simply entering in a new Big Brother age. That's freaky.

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