Twitter doesn't support assistive technologies

In an earlier post I showed how Facebook doesn't actually support assistive technologies such as Lynx. This time I've run the same tests on Twitter and the results are almost the same. The only exception is that when you load the home page of this web application you don't get any message claiming that your browser is not supported, as shown below:

Everything seems ok. But if you try to log in entering invalid data, you get nothing:

Since most probably error messages are generated by JavaScript, Lynx can't show them. But even if you enter correct data, you can't access to your account because you get an error due to SSL:

Finally, since I was already pretty frustrated, I decided to use the search function of Twitter. Guess what? Nothing again!

What we've got so far? All web applications tested, namely Facebook and Twitter, are virtually inaccessible to assistive technologies. That's too bad. We've only to wait. And hope.

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