Who reads a blog on web development?

I subscribed to FeedBurner just a couple of days after launching this blog back in January. As usual, the more contents I wrote, the more people subscribed to my feeds. For example, here are the stats taken from the report of June 8th which summarize the items viewed and the clicks for each item:

Item Popularity

Metaprogramming JavaScript 9 7
John Resig: Javascript and jQuery 7 6
Doug Crockford interviewed at Web2.0 Ex… 8 4
Webkit CSS3 Development 9 2
Performance Improvements in Browsers 9 2
jQuery unveiled: the css() method 6 5
jQuery unveiled: the style() method 6 5
Web Technology features with Firefox 3.… 7 2
CSS3 For WebKit: iPadDevCamp Presentati… 7 2
XML Schema (W3C) 4 2
XPath - XML Path language 4
JavaScript - Optimising Where it Hurts … 4
Google Chrome after two years 4
Extreme JavaScript Performance 4
ECMAScript 5: The New and Improved Parts 3
Painless OO XML with XML::Pastor - 2009… 2 1
Transcendent Design with CSS & JavaScri… 3
ECMAScript: an introduction 2
XSLT: Programmers Reference (Programmer… 2
PHP Tutorial: installing PHP 2
Interview about the OLPC with Håkon Wiu… 2
JavaScript and DOM Pattern Implementati… 2
XML Schema Patterns for Databinding 2
jQuery CSS pseudo-elements and browser … 2
Resource aggregators and search engine … 2
jQuery unveiled: the hide() method 2
Beyond MVC - Enterprise PHP Patterns 1
XML in a Nutshell, Third Edition by W. … 1
jQuery Anti-Patterns for Performance & … 1
The Busy Developer’s Guide to ECMA(Java… 1
jQuery collapsible menu 1
Internet Explorer 9 performance tests 1
Efficient, maintainable CSS 1

These stats reveal the fact that many of my subscribers actually like more slides and videos than normal posts / articles. Maybe they see my blog as a resource aggregator rather than a web development blog in the real sense of the term. My fault. Anyway, this is something that needs to be taken into account very seriously, because it reflects the difference in the point of view of an author and his/her readers.

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