PHP: top errors in MVC tutorials

Frustration is sometimes what we get from reading an online tutorial. Tutorials on implementing the MVC pattern in PHP are a good example of this. First of all, most of these tutorials don't explain clearly how the MVC pattern works, but only show practical examples of their implementation. Here are a couple of top errors in these tutorials:

  1. UML diagrams

    Only very few developers can actually understand a UML diagram. The best thing you can do is to draw some illustrated schematics which are more comprehensible.

  2. Lack of details on how classes are automatically loaded

    Web developers sometimes get confused by seeing a unique file containing the whole application, especially when they have a traditional procedural approach to PHP programming. Please devote most of your tutorial to this kind of explanation.

  3. Paths and URL rewriting

    You should always explain clearly how these two key aspects work and not provide only some code snippets to be copied and pasted. For example, you can add further details on URL rewriting by linking your tutorial to a tutorial on URL rewriting.

But the most important thing is: be clear. And never, never take anything for granted when it comes to your reader experience.

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