CSS Templates: Outside The Box

This is the first of a series of CSS templates that I'm going to publish during some breaks of my daily work. Outside The Box is a basic two-columns layout with header and footer, completely fluid. This templates uses the semantic nomenclature proposed by Andy Clarke in his work. Further, the CSS code uses comment flags so that you can easily modify its structure. For generic HTML elements I use a simple approach that also extends some of my work on form elements normalization. I think this is the first, free and open semantic template currently available. When I say "semantic", I mean basically element nomenclature and markup structure. Other useful CSS techniques, such as image replacement, em dimensioning etc. are also provided there. It's a good training demo to enhance your CSS skills. This template supports IE7+ and all other browsers. Some existing differences, such as rounded borders, are practically negligible from an implementation point of view.

Live demo

Outside The Box


ZIP file

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