JavaScript: class properties getter

Sometimes it's useful for reflection purposes to retrieve all the properties contained within a given class. Unfortunately, JavaScript doesn't have a native method for that purpose so we have to create one from scratch. For example, given the following class:

function Class() { = 'Foo'; = 'Bar';
  this.baz = 'Baz';

we can write such a method as follows:

Class.prototype = {
  constructor: Class,
  getProperties: function() {
   var properties = [];
   for(var i in this) {
    if(typeof this[i] !== 'function') {
   return properties;

This method simply iterates over its own class and stores all property values in an array. A simple test:

var myClass = new Class();
var props = myClass.getProperties();
for(var i=0; i<props.length; i++) {
 alert(props[i]); //'Foo', 'Bar', 'Baz'

Very simple.

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