Happy Birthday onwebdev

Finally onwebdev celebrates its first year of activity, with 1059 posts (including this one), some comments and good feedback around the web and a lot of plans for the future. I'd like to thank all my readers and feed subscribers who think that this is a good blog on web development, though I'm not really inclined to be very satisfied of it, mostly because I'm really obsessed with improvements.

I'm sorry that some of my examples don't work in older versions of Internet Explorer (mainly 6), but the fact is that on my PC (and, of course, my Mac.. Mac doesn't run IE!) I switched to Windows 7, so the only versions available there are 7 and 8.

If you're reading this, please don't get me wrong. The aim of this blog is to help developers to find some solutions (I'm not saying ideal or perfect solutions) to their daily problems. If you find some good solutions, thank web standards and browsers, not me. Otherwise, if you don't find any solution at all here, blame me, not web standards and browsers.

Thanks for reading this. I'm really happy to have you as one of my readers.

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