Support of CSS3 properties in browsers

Since many of the posts featured on this blog make use of the new CSS3 properties, I think it's time to summarize the state of the art by talking sbout the browser support to these properties. The following table gives you an idea of what is really going on in the browser scenario from the point of view of the most used CSS3 properties on this blog.

Browser support to CSS3 properties on my examples
CSS3 property Browsers
border-radius Firefox 4, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Internet Explorer 9
box-shadow Firefox 4, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Internet Explorer 9
opacity Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer 9
transform Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome (with vendor prefixes)

For the opacity property a quick and easy solution is to use JavaScript to mitigate the differences with IE's versions prior to 9. For other properties, Firefox 3.6 and Chrome in some cases still need the vendor prefix notation.

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