Why I am a web developer

Being a web developer was not among my childhood dreams. In fact, when I was a child there was no Internet, at least in Italy. I dreamed a lot about being a paleontologist, because I liked dinosaurs a lot, but neither this dream became true, though today I can proudly say that I know a lot about dinosaurs. Another dream, when I was 12 or so, was about becoming a painter. Honestly, I didn't paint very well so I can honestly admit that this was for good. But there was something that I could do very well: reading. When I was 10 or so, I read all my mother's books in less than a summer. The point was not reading, but finding connections between books. I was convinced that there were connections between different fields of human knowledge, that everything was (and is) somehow connected, somehow linked to form the global shape of the human mind. I didn't study much at school but only a few years later when I went to university, first as a student of classical cultures and then as a student of foreign languages and literatures. I didn't have a computer at home until 1998 and I didn't start using it until 2004. It's odd, but I devoted only the last years of my life to the web. Everything started in the background: a friend of mine helped me with opening an email account and I remember me spending the last months of 2003 with sending and reading emails from an Internet-enabled store. And yes, I didn't get an Internet connection at home until 2005, so I can say now that I spent only 5 years on the web. After five years, I can say that the most beautiful part of my job is answering to people who have some problems to fix and helping them to fix their problems. There's nothing better in my job than waking up at dawn, checking my email, and find someone's message saying simply "thanks". And it's in these moments that I understand why I am a web developer.

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