CSS: clearing floats cheatsheet

This post will try to summarize the most used techniques for clearing and containing floats, based on my experience and knowledge. I'll also provide a brief explanation of the pros and cons of the various techniques provided here to help you with choosing the one that fits your needs.

Clearing Floats Cheatsheet
Rule/Technique Applies to Pros Cons
overflow: auto Parent container More flexible than using the hidden value IE6 needs also height: 100% or height: 1px
float: left, float: right Parent container Avoids any computation of overflowing content Subsequent elements must be cleared as well
position: absolute Parent container Useful when you have an absolutely positioned element with floats inside If you don't set a context for the positioning, the whole viewport will be taken as reference
Easy Clearing Parent container Very flexible It may require a little effort to grasp its concepts
display: table Parent container Very simple to use Currently some problems in Webkit browsers with element dimensioning

If you know other techniques of massive use, please let me know.

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