CSS selector support in IE (Internet Explorer)

CSS selectors are not fully supported by Internet Explorer, mainly in the 6 and 7 versions of this browser. This post will provide a comparative table showing what is the current state of the art in IE when it comes to CSS selectors. I hope the following table will be useful, especially when we have to choose the correct strategy for a fully cross-browser layout.

CSS selector support in Internet Explorer
Selector IE version
Universal selector 6, 7, 8
Type selector 6, 7, 8
ID selector 6, 7, 8
Class selector 6, 7, 8
Descendant selector 6, 7, 8
Child selector 7, 8
Adjacent selector 7, 8
Attribute selectors 7, 8 (also CSS3 substring matching attribute selectors are supported)
Link pseudo-classes 6 (partial), 7, 8
:first-letter pseudo-element 6, 7, 8
:first-line pseudo-element 6, 7, 8
:first-child pseudo-class 7, 8
:before and :after pseudo-elements 8

2 thoughts on “CSS selector support in IE (Internet Explorer)”

  1. Hi Gabriele.

    Great post !

    I think, it is good to notice that IE6 don't support multiple class selector.
    For example : div.class1.class2 {}
    It is the source of a lot of CSS bug.

    See you,

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