New HTML5 elements list and reference

HTML5 introduces new elements and features. In this post I'll provide the complete list of the new HTML5 elements plus a reference to an online complete reference. Most of these elements are still not supported by web browsers, so it's recommended that you check out your target browser support before using them.

New HTML5 elements
Element Description
<article> Part of the document dedicated to a specific topic
<aside> Side content of a document
<audio> Container for audio media
<canvas> Container for advanced graphics
<command> Command invoked by an user
<datalist> Data associated with form controls
<details> Provides details of an element
<embed> Embeds external content
<figcaption> Caption for the figure element
<figure> Contains media and their associated data
<footer> Footer content for a section or document
<header> Header content for a section or document
<hgroup> Wrapper for headings from h1 to h6
<keygen> Key generator
<mark> Highlights a given portion of text
<meter> Contains a range of values
<nav> Navigation section of a document
<output>Progress of a task
<progress>Displays the progress during a task (e.g. a download)
<rp> Replacement for browsers that don't support Ruby
<rt> Marks up the ruby text of a Ruby annotation
<ruby> Element associated with Ruby annotations
<section> Theme identifier for content grouping
<source> List of possible source alternatives for a given media
<summary> Additional information for a <details> element
<time> Displays and formats dates and times
<video> Container for video media
<wbr> Handles long words hyphenation


W3Schools HTML5 reference

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