jQuery: implementing DOM classList

The HTML5 specifications introduce the concept of DOM classList to be used with any HTML element. According to the specifications, this DOM property should contain a list of tokens which represent the various class names used within the class attribute. Simply put, this property returns a space-separated string containing all the class names attached to a given element. Some browsers already implement classList, others don't. For that reason, we need to create a simple jQuery plugin to handle this property in a cross-browser fashion. Let's see how.

We need to check whether this property exists in the DOM of a web browser by comparing its value with undefined. If so, we split the className property of the element into an array and we attach a classList variable to the element using the data() method. This variable will contain the string version of the array, space-separated. On the contrary, if a browser supports classList, we use its value with our data() method:

(function($) {

  $.fn.getClassList = function() {
    var that = this;
    var className = that[0].className;
    return that.each(function() {
      if(typeof that[0].classList === 'undefined') {
    var classes = className.split(/\s/);
    that.data('classList', classes.join(' '));
     } else {
       that.data('classList', that[0].classList);


Testing everything out:

<div id="test" class="one two three"></div>
$(function() {



You can see a test below.


Live test

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