JavaScript: turning an HTMLCollection into an array

In the DOM terminology, an HTMLCollection is a set of DOM nodes that behave in a way that lets developers think that they're dealing with a normal array. This is not the case, because this kind of DOM structure shares only the length property and the indexed access to elements with a normal JavaScript array object. Sometimes, however, it's preferable to turn this kind of collection into a normal JavaScript array, for example to use some of the most popular array methods. Here's an example:

function HTMLNodesToArray(reference, elems) {
    reference = document.getElementById(reference);
    elems = elems || '*';
    var nodes = [];
    var elements = reference.getElementsByTagName(elems);
    var i;
    var len = elements.length;
    for(i = 0; i< len; i += 1) {
        var node = elements[i];
    return nodes;

This function simply iterates over an HTMLCollection and stores all its member nodes in an array for later use. A practical example would be the following:

unction showNodes() {
    var htmlNodes = HTMLNodesToArray('test', 'li');
    var reduced = htmlNodes.pop();
    var last = reduced;

window.onload = function() {

In this case, we've been able to use the common array pop() method on our collection of nodes.


Live demo

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