Aruba server farm down due to fire

Today the server farm that hosts the web sites where I store my examples and assets used in this blog has been shut down for several hours. Apparently, a fire started in a room so that all the servers have been put offline for precaution. Probably you first noticed that my blog was awful slow. That was due to the fact that your web browser was trying to load my unreachable assets, so I had to comment the HTML to temporarily fix the problem. Now everything works fine again, and my assets are back in place. My hosting company, Aruba, tweeted a lot about any news concerning this problem but it was forced to close their call centers (lines completely overloaded) while they were working to fix this problem. I have to say that they've faced the situation bravely: a fire in a server farm is not the ideal situation when you have the half of Italian web sites hosted on your servers. smile

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